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BannerDroid banners for Adwords

Recently we have updated BannerDroid publishing engine to meet Google Adwords criterias.

To publish Adwords compatible banner you need:

  1. Make BannerDroid banner with empty Link field.
  2. Make sure banner overal size is 50 KB or smaller, except for half-page ads, which can be as large as 200 KB.
  3. Total banner animation length must be 30 s or shorter.
  4. Banner dimensions must be one of Adwords provided.

Read more about banners limitations in Adwords image ads policy page (see Flash ads table): http://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/176108?hl=en

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Posted by: Andrius Urbonavičius, Posted in: News; Updates; Banner Droid tutorials;
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